I will always remember this beautiful afternoon, it will always have a huge place in my heart. Photography holds so much more value than any of us can ever imagine. It is actually extremely unique to each and every one of us. Looking at a photograph and treasuring a moment and remembering a loved one is something we all have done. Sometimes we sit quietly alone and remember, other times we laugh and share with our friends and family.

This session was so much fun, we had some really funny moments. Imagine, two gorgeous, happy and delightful kids. The loving and fun Uncle. The cheeky family friend who was just as delightful as the kids (yep, I just mentioned him and the kids in the same sentence, I think the uncle should be in here too lol) two beautiful, loving, funny and amazing parents and two gorgeous, cheeky grandparents. I really must admit, these guys were amazing and I seem to be using the word cheeky a lot!

The afternoon was perfect, beautiful sunshine and lots of laughs. At the end of our session I always give my clients a great big hug, I have gotten to know them in such a short space of time, it is hard to explain, however, a connection is always made. This afternoon as I hugged my beautiful clients, I felt some sadness in my heart. I knew I was saying goodbye to a beautiful gentleman forever. I knew my photos would soon be extremely treasured. Treasured by his daughter. His son. His son in-law. His gorgeous grandchildren. His beautiful and loving wife and his many family friends. I was also filled with a sense of joy knowing that my job as a photographer was providing this gorgeous family with something they will truly treasure and love forever. These gorgeous photos will be passed down through the family and will forever hold a huge place in each and everyone’s heart. Including mine.

I am so grateful to have met you, even for a short while. You have played such a huge roll in the exact reason why I do what I do. I will never forget my experience photographing you with your family.

Remembering Barry. A beautiful husband, father, grandfather and friend and a beautiful gentleman who I shall never forget.


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