As a children’s photographer and a mum myself, I know all too well how hard it can be to get a really gorgeous image of your little ones. I know that some days they just do not want their photo taken, they are cranky, tired and it just is not going to happen. My advice is to just let them be and continue to take photos of them playing, doing craft, riding their bike, reading, or just walking along and chatting or exploring their surroundings. Once the pressure of having to smile has been taken away, they relax and enjoy themselves.

Or.. You can just hire me to do it for you!

I absolutely love photographing children. I adore the afternoons spent with families, walking in the afternoon sun, chatting, laughing and generally having a really good time. It has to be pain free, as I know and understand that to just get to the photography session on time and dressed can be hard enough as it is! I’m a mum with little ones too, trust me, I get it.

It is so important to find a photographer who you trust, not only do you need to love their work, but you also need to really like them, you need to be able to get along, relax around them, be able to stand back and watch them play and interact with your little ones. You will be spending a lot of time with them so these things really do matter.

On this particular shoot, Evie and I just walked along talking and chatting. She had her favourite little kitten with her that her nanna had bought her. It was really important for her to have the kitten with her in the photos, so that is just what we did. As we walked I was looking for the light and watching where it was falling. She wanted to look at the berries on the tree so she wandered over and I took her photo while she was simply exploring her surroundings. Evie had a brilliant time, she didn’t feel overwhelmed with many instructions to “smile” or “look at the camera” she didn’t feel stressed, tired or anxious.

Once the sun started setting and the cooler air started to set in, we wandered back to the car, I didn’t pack away my gear until the very end and on the walk home we captured a few more photos.

Working with little ones can get hectic though, it is only natural, kids move and they move quickly, but that is all okay, it is part of my job and I simply love it. As a children’s photographer, it is also a really important part of my job to be able to work with many different personalities and natures. Shy, boisterous, quiet, energetic, anxious, tired and cranky. I adore kids, they adore me and together we always have a really awesome time.

I would love to hear from you and to photograph your gorgeous family and children. Now is the perfect time of year.



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