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Your maternity and newborn parent journey is an incredibly special time. This is why choosing a newborn photographer that is right for you is so important.

Although often filled with sleepless nights and challenging times, it is a new beginning, a special chapter in your life. A time you will want to look back on as your baby has grown so fast and no longer that sleepy little bundle you first brought home from the hospital.

Newborn photography is a wonderful way to ensure you have those beautiful memories of your new baby to look back on. Timeless photos of when they were still so tiny, sleepy and fit perfectly in your hands.

So what exactly should you be looking for when searching for your newborn photographer?

Read on for Kellie Johnsson Photography’s top 4 things to consider when searching for a newborn photographer for your new family.

4 Things to consider when looking for a photographer.

  • Does the photographer specialise in newborn photography? Newborn photography is a specialised field of photography. Not only must the photographer have a high level of skill in light, angles and photography, the newborn photographer must have specialised skills in working with your newborn baby. As a result posing your baby, wrapping them and newborn safety must be of the highest priority at all times.
  • How long has the photographer been photographing newborns? It takes years to build the skill required to safely pose and photograph a newborn. The equipment and props required are easily sourced. It is important when choosing a newborn photographer that the photographer is able to read your baby’s cues. For instance does the baby need feeding? Help settling etc? The photographer should have a natural “baby whisperer” type feel to them.

Follow for further settling and sleeping tips.

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  • Do you love and admire the photographers work? Newborn photography is considered an art form. Their are many styles of newborn photography available. Be sure to visit your photographers website and social media pages. You should see consistency and a professional style and feel to the photographers work. Does the work speak to you?
  • Do you connect with the photographer? It is important to feel extremely comfortable and to trust the photographer entirely. After all, you will be spending valued and precious time with them. Firstly, you should feel completely at ease from the first point of contact. It is the photographers job to make sure you are at ease. Secondly, the process from your first enquiry right through to the delivery of your professional photos should be an enjoyable experience and completely stress free. Lastly, you should feel relaxed and enjoy this wonderful experience with your chosen photographer.
Beautiful parent portraits with Kellie Johnsson photography

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