Christmas Day is such a special time for the family. A lot of the time, family have travelled in from elsewhere and it is the first time in a long time that everyone is together.

You have cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and brothers and sisters. Such a fun, exciting and crazy time. It is only normal to want to capture it all in photos. So I have a few tips to help you achieve this.

~ Share the camera around, you need to get in those photos too.

~ Don’t worry if not everyone is looking at the camera, capture those real moments and connection, the best photos are quite often the ones when nobody realised you were taking them.

~ An overcast day is your best friend, you don’t want to photograph on a bright sunny day. It’s achievable, just tricky and best left to the professional. If you need to photograph in bright sunlight, just try to find a nice open shady spot and check for bright spots on faces or heads. Make sure everyone is comfortable and not squinting from the sun in their eyes.

~ If it is bright and sunny outside, and you have a gorgeous spot inside by a lovely big window then use that. Turn off overhead lights and use the natural light coming in through the window. Stand at 45 degrees to the window, this light is beautiful and really flattering.

~ Don’t ask the kids to smile, you never get a real genuine smile, instead, tell a joke or my favourite thing to do is to pretend I can’t see them.

“hey, where is Jack, has anyone seen Jack” they love it and always laugh or smile “im here” “oh there you are”

Don’t worry about dirty faces or having on your best outfit, these things simply do not matter. A genuinie happy laughing face is priceless! (ok maybe dirty faces really only suit the kids, a quick check won’t hurt)

Ask an aunty or uncle to capture your family photo, remember it doesn’t have to look amazing, it isn’t about an award winning photograph, it’s about who is in the photograph and about how special the day is.

Also most importantly, put the camera down for a little while, you only need a few photos, get in there and enjoy your special day, have fun and relax!

Merry christmas, have a fabulous day and be happy and stress free.

love Kellie x

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