The journey to newborn photographer has been inspired by many different people along the way.  My journey to newborn photographer still continues to be inspired on a daily basis.  Owning a photography business and working with the many beautiful babies and their parents is truly a blessing.  I am in awe of the many different families I meet. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of their lives from the pregnancy through to the birth or their gorgeous new baby. It is a blessing, often photographing milestones and christenings and continuing on to be the family photographer along the way.

Newborn Photographer Brisbane

How wonderful is it for our children to look back on photos of when they were little.


Newborn Photographer Brisbane

Brisbane newborn photographer

So how exactly do you become a photographer and why photograph maternity, newborn and families?  Answering the why part is rather easy.  I simply love babies.  I adore the pregnancy stage and I love interacting with families.   I believe It is extremely important to document this part in our lives.  I believe our children should grow up with beautiful photos. To see the different stages in their lives.  I adore looking back on old photos and I would love nothing more than to be able to help other people achieve this too.

How to become a professional photographer is a little more complex.  It takes a lot of hard work.  The journey to newborn photographer still is quite a lot of hard work.  Continuing to learn, grow and  improve yourself constantly.  It all started with a passion.  A passion for beautiful photos.  Looking right back into my teen years it all began when looking through fashion magazines.  I wasn’t really that interested in the fashion part but I loved the photography.

I have always adored newborn babies.  I have always had the maternal touch and would find great comfort when holding a newborn.  I found myself adoring newborn photos and following certain newborn photographers, admiring their work and creativity.

I mentioned to my husband that I wished I could do that.  I wish I could take photos like this.  I thought how wonderful would it be to photograph newborns.  To be able to work with them and create beautiful photos for their families.  My husband simply replied, well maybe you should! So the journey to newborn photographer began.

I started by following different online groups.  I learnt the ins and outs of my camera.  Studied photography and decided that my ultimate goal was photographing newborns in my own studio.

It was then that I discovered Elise Gow from Luisa Dunn from were running a mentoring group at the time called Polished learning.  I made contact and arranged for one on one mentoring.  A few weeks later Elise walked into my home and my entire world changed.  Journey to newborn photographer had begun and my desire to be the best I possibly could be in my craft was ignited.

The support you will receive from your mentors is incredible and your personal growth and journey to newborn photographer will started to evolve.  I then took part in a group mentoring session with Erin Elizabeth from  It is quite amazing really, to go into mentoring sessions with an idea of what you want from it and walking out with completely different ideas and inspirations.  My hunger to achieve a certain look, a certain pose was stronger than ever.  I began to really understand exactly what it was that I was wanting to achieve.

Newborn Photographer Brisbane

Newborn Photographer Brisbane –  I began photographing newborns in my own studio and my business began to grow.

Maternity Photography Brisbane 

At this point I was getting a lot of requests to photograph pregnancy.  I was so focused on achieving my goal of photographing newborns that my mind wasn’t really focused on maternity photography.   I decided to begin maternity photography and fell in love!  I bought maternity gowns and discovered an entirely new passion, the journey form pregnancy to motherhood and a desire to create stunning photos from pregnancy through to newborn and beyond had begun.

Maternity Photo sunlight

Kellie Johnsson Photography  ~ Maternity & Newborn

Maternity Photographer Brisbane








As time went on I decided I would like to mentor with Kelly Brown from

It was after this mentoring session that my photography took on another level and a deeper understanding of what I was wanting to achieve took place.

I had an even clearer idea on where I wanted to go and the style of photography I was wanting to achieve.  Newborn has an amazing library of continued learning through videos and you are able to purchase these as you need.  I believe that we are always learning as photographers, in fact, it never ever stops.   Continued learning through these videos is an incredible way for you to achieve this.

I then spent time with Danielle Nigido from  This is when I felt things really clicked into place.  The level of mentoring with Danielle could not have been achieved though, without the previous steps taken.  It is all stepping stones and we need to crawl before we can walk.  This mentoring session was also one on one.  I find sitting down and really working over things at a one on one level is incredible.  I am able to take a lot more home with me.  Flying home back to Brisbane from Melbourne after my session I could not wait to get started.  The time spent with Danielle was incredible and the experience is one I will never forget.

It is around this time I also realised that I was doing a lot more than photography.  I was running a business and it was important I was doing this at the best of my ability.

I found Annie Murray from  My business and my soul focus changed.  It was no longer about my photography and wanting to perfect that.  It was about my clients and my clients experience.

I wanted nothing but a wonderful experience for them.  I wanted my clients to be able to tell their story.  Look back on their journey from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond.  I wanted to provide them with more than just beautiful photos.  Annie Murray from Annieography gave me clarity.  I always knew the importance of photos.  I desperately wanted my clients to feel this importance too and having them receive this from me was my ultimate goal.  My client experience means absolutely everything.

Newborn photographer BrisbaneBrisbane newborn photographer
My journey to newborn photographer has been and continues to be an incredibly fulfilling journey.  If I have one piece of advice to give to someone who wishes to begin their own journey to newborn photographer, it would be to allow yourself the time to grow.  It takes time and it never stops.  You will never stop learning.


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    Amazing post, so blessed to have been a little part of your journey lovely. I wish you all the success. 

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