Newborn photos are becoming very popular, did you know that during your babies newborn photography session I am constantly checking on your little one. I am aware of the position of their hands, their feet, hips and their shoulders. I take into consideration the way they have their little head facing and if they have a preference to the way they hold their head.

Newborn photos provided during a newborn photography session

I am watching for cues. Hunger, over tired, over stimulated, hot or cold. During this time I also have my eye on you. After all, you have not long had your baby. I take all of the above into consideration.

Baby safety is the utmost important during your newborn photography session. This is why I can not stress to you enough that you choose your newborn photographer very carefully.

You are super lucky to have many amazing newborn photographers in Brisbane. Photographers who consider your needs very seriously and who have a wealth of knowledge under their belt.

So how do you know who has that experience exactly?

A few things to consider. How long has the photographer been photographing newborns? It takes years to perfect some of the posing you see in newborn photos, some of these particular poses should not even be attempted until other poses are perfected first. In fact, some of the poses you see are composites, this means more than one shot has been taken and they have then been combined in photoshop to create the one image.

Why do this? Because a spotter has been used to support and keep your baby safe during particular poses.

Newborn baby in parents hands during newborn photography sesison

Another thing to consider is your photographers price point. The level of skill required to deliver professional standard photographs whilst keeping your baby safe is high. This will reflect on how much the photographer charges.Finally, have a look through the photographers website, facebook, instagram etc. You should see consistency in the work they do.

Ask the photographer what kind of posing they do during the session. Ask how long they have been photographing newborns. How and where did they train?

Newborn twins in newborn photography session

I hope this helps in your decision making, it can be hard to chose a newborn photographer. As mentioned above, we have many amazing photographers in Brisbane, many who I refer to and many who refer back to me.

If you have any questions, please always ask, it’s our job to make sure you receive beautiful professional photographs while enjoying the process too.
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