Newborn sleep routine

Newborn sleep routine

Your beautiful brand new baby will often, but not always, be their sleepiest in the first few weeks after birth. Often in the early days there is talk of a Newborn sleep routine. However in all honesty there is absolutely zero routine.

Your baby has not likely regulated their sleeping pattern and may often sleep in 2 to 3 hourly intervals only waking to feed. As mentioned in Mater Mothers Q&A sleep and settling techniques

Newborn sleep routine

The 4th trimester

The 4th trimester is the first few weeks or months after giving birth when your baby is still in the sleepy stage and not quite fully awake and alert. It is often the perfect time for newborn photographers to work with your baby photographing all things newborn, their perfect little toes, fingers and gorgeous newborn faces.

During the 4th trimester you may find your baby only wakes to feed and will often fall back to sleep after a feed. Only to repeat the same cycle 2 to 3 hours later. However during a growth spurt, you may find your baby is feeding more often or continuously all day long and is quite fussy and unsettled. This usually begins around week 3 and can take some time to regulate.

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settling your baby

As your baby begins to waken and become more alert, they can often become a little fussier. Sometimes due to over stimulation. Previously a feed may have calmed your baby down or wrapping them to sleep did the trick. These techniques may still work, but you may find a walk outside, change of scenery, music, a dark quiet room may also help. Once baby has settled offering them a feed may also help.

sleep cues & the newborn sleep routine

It is quite amazing how innate parenting is and how quickly you will notice little cues your baby is giving you. Especially those tired cues. Way before the crying and fussy stage hits.

  • The sleep stare. The long gaze can often mean your little one is sleepy and ready for a long nap.
  • Yawning. Quite obvious but easy to miss as a busy parent. Often by that 3rd yawn your baby is well and truly ready for a sleep.
  • Looking away from you. Almost as if they are telling you they have had enough for the moment and feeling a little over stimulated.
  • Closed fist. Often a sign baby is not relaxed and is needing either a feed or sleep.

At I am always on the lookout for these cues. Reading your newborn the entire time through the newborn photography session. Ensuring your baby is comfortable at all times meaning your newborn photography experience is a stress free and enjoyable one.

sleepy newborn stage

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