Yes, it really is amazing!

I get to meet so many beautiful newborn babies, older babies, toddlers, children and awesome families too.

We meet at some incredibly beautiful locations around Brisbane, at the most gorgoeus time of day and we have a fabulous time.

Every family I meet is so very different, no two photography sessions are the same, although for most of them that include a toddler, it always ends up with me breathless. It’s pretty good exercise trying to capture a 2 year old πŸ™‚ and so, so worth it!

Every newborn baby I meet is so incredibly unique, some sleep all the way through their very first newborn session, while others take a little time to get used to me. Some, well some just want to feed πŸ™‚ I love how beautiful and unique they are and I love letting these gorgeous little newborns lead the way.

Older babies and children all have their own distinctive and wonderful nature. Shy, worried, out going, energetic, playful or quiet etc. I adore meeting them and again, letting them lead the way. We always end up playing a game and having a fabulous time.

So you see, my job is really pretty amazing,

I get to give you some beautiful and unique keep sakes that will be a part of your family forever.

I get to provide you with some fabulous artwork for your family home..

And I get to meet people just like you!

Hope to meet you soon.

Kellie x

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