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Time is flying by, the newborn stage has passed by so quickly and your baby is now beginning to sit. It is a major milestone and an adorable age. Most babies seem a little happier now they are sitting on their own.

What exactly is the sitter session and how to tell if your baby is ready for theirs.

Sitter session – Kellie Johnsson Photography

Firstly, when your baby begins the sitting milestone, they will sit for a brief moment supported. They will enjoy being propped up and enjoy their new surroundings.

Sitting with support – Kellie Johnsson Photography

Secondly, once those tummy muscles begin to develop, you will notice your baby will sit for a little moment and then perhaps topple over to the side or simply fall backwards onto their back again. They are not quite ready for the sitter session yet, but certainly not far off!

After awhile of stabilising their sitting, your baby will be able to sit for longer periods and reach out and grab toys without falling to the side or backwards. This is when your baby is ready for their sitter session photos.

Enjoying their surroundings and exploring new things with Kellie Johnsson Photography

At Kellie Johnsson Photography, the sitter session props and outfits are supplied, although, if you have something special you wish for your baby to wear, or a special toy, blanket or item you wish to include, you are more than welcome to include it in the photos.

The sitter session is not a long session, usually 30 to 40 mins. Most babies tire quickly from the stimulation and are ready to go home, have a feed and a nap after a fun morning out.

It is a beautiful milestone and a super special age to document in your gorgeous babies life. You can read more about the sitting milestone here

Gorgeous smiles during sitter session with Kellie Johnsson Photography

It is best to have these photos taken when your baby is well rested and not hungry. Most sessions are typically held in the morning after their first nap. Or in the period before that morning nap before they begin to feel tired again.

Gorgeous smiles and a fun morning out with Kellie Johnsson Photography
Sitter session with Kellie Johnsson Photography

Sitter sessions are a part of your newborn photography package at Kellie Johnsson Photography, depending on the package you choose, however, you are still able to book your baby in for 6 month sitter session photos if you have not had newborn photos done previously.

You can book your baby for their 6 month sitter photos here at

Kellie Johnsson Photography sitter sessions

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